A Simple Method to Find Simple Solutions to Your Complicated Business Problems

1) When There Is a Problem

Example: One of the businesses I help advise, a dentist office, realized that the number of new patients coming in had significantly decreased. Their initial response was to launch a huge new marketing campaign but we instead took some time to look at the details.

  1. Gave them easy action items and a clear understanding of solutions
  2. Helped the employees understand that everyone has a role to play

2) When Things Suddenly Go Well

While this method of asking Why until you get to key solutions is great for solving problems, it’s also great for learning when things go well. Another business we’ve been helping is a coffee shop which recently found a sharp increase in the number of people visiting its website and then coming into the coffee shop to study.

  1. Buy more comfy furniture to encourage people to spend more time
  2. Buy more fun decorations to make the place more “picture-worthy”
  3. Offer a student discount
  4. Increase WiFi speed

3) When You Just Want To Make Things Simple

The beauty of the Why?Why? Method is that it’s so simple, it doesn’t need a reason for you to try it! Whenever I get stressed out about the millions of things I need to do or the thousands of things that are happening, one of the best options is grabbing a piece of paper and mapping everything out.


Running a business is about passion and it should be enjoyable. When things become complicated and frustrating, it might be time to let the inner 9-year old come and start asking “Why? Why? Why? Why? Oh.”

Making Business Knowledge Accessible for Small and Medium Business Owners @ EntreKey.com with the occasional personal thoughts!

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